Shiruba Tree Wooden Rings Uk

Care Instructions 


Shiruba Tree rings are made with careful consideration from the finest materials obtainable. Looked after, they have the potential to last lifetimes. 

The metal supplies the integral strength to a wooden ring — the wood used is hardy and resilient which only requires a little care to continue looking its best. 

Please follow these instructions to maintain your Shiruba Tree jewellery:

  • Cleaning wood is easy and quick, just wash your hands with a warm soapy water and rinse off. Most woods are naturally antibacterial and after a light wash will neutralise.

  •  Avoid any log-term exposure to extreme heat or water, this may significantly weaken the wood and can damage your item (your ring will be fine when bathing or showering).

  •  Wood will eventually start to dry out, just occasionally rub in a little olive oil to top up a protective barrier. Alternatively bee’s wax, coconut oil, mineral oil and linseed oil also works great. Check out our new wood balm (Coming soon!), which is a pure blend of olive oil and beeswax. A simple balm that naturally replenishes the wood and has antibacterial properties.