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Essential Guide

What is the best wedding ring for me?

The date is set, the wedding party chosen, and you may have even already arranged the dress, flowers and cake. Your wedding rings, however, will be the most permanent reminder of your wedding day and the ultimate symbol of your love. So how do you approach such a decision?

We have created an essential guide to help you narrow down your options and choose your perfect wedding ring. 

Shop for your rings early

Every good jeweller can offer you something different with their own unique styles and special touches, so don’t be afraid of exploring your options. We recommend that couples plan to shop for their wedding rings around 6 months before their big day. 

Many couples also feel that they should choose both rings from the same jeweller, but there’s no rule against shopping around further for rings that are right for both of you as individuals, even if that means different shops.

Choose the right metal

No one needs to be reminded that weddings are expensive, so no doubt your budget is on your mind. However, remember that you are planning to wear your wedding band on a daily basis until the day you part, so the longevity of the materials and the design itself are very important, and this may have an impact on the budget. 

Different metals have their own qualities and textures that are also important to consider. Couples do not have to have the same metal, though many want to match in colour (as before, there are no rules!) The most common metals used are:

Titanium – perhaps the most affordable, this metal is both lightweight and strong, and is also hypoallergenic. Its silver colour won’t tarnish. 

Gold – this metal is timeless and classic. Traditionally valuable and hardwearing, you’ll find an array of carats and colours available, but most commonly it comes in yellow or white. Rose gold is also seeing a recent increase in popularity. 

Palladium – this metal is rarer and often more expensive than gold (though cheaper than platinum), but is valued for being hardwearing and hypoallergenic. It has a white, lustrous or brushed grey finish.

Platinum – truly the top dog of metals, platinum is dense and weighty, hardwearing, and hypoallergenic. Like palladium, it has a very polished finish. 

Whichever metal you choose, make sure it’s something you can look at and wear every day and love. 

Buying commercial or designer jewellery

A few key factors set designer and high-end jewellery apart from commercial jewellery stores. Commercial wedding rings are usually made with lower quality materials and manufactured quickly on a mass scale with the help of industrial machines.

Wedding rings from specialist jewellery designers involve the use of rare materials, crafted with care and high attention to design and detail. Each designer decides the quality of each collection. Designer jewellery should be aesthetically pleasing and possess something special that helps it stand out from the crowd. 

A bespoke wedding ring denotes personality and expression, tells a story and is a small way for you to display your individuality, embrace your individual look and style.

Keep your lifestyle in mind

The fit of the ring is very important – you will be wearing your wedding every day, so the shape and size are important to consider for comfort in your everyday life. A flat ring offers sharp, minimal style, but if you’re not normally a ring wearer it will take a bit of time to get used to. A classic courts, oval or rounded shape isn’t as likely to snag on day to day objects. It's a good idea to try on various styles in order to see what works for you, even if you go in with a clear idea at first.

Whichever shape you choose, don't forget to consider your engagement ring when choosing your wedding ring. The two should look good together and sit next to each other comfortably. You may also want to consider whether other jewellery you commonly wear (or might wear in the future such as an eternity ring) will complement your marriage rings.

Love what you buy

We hope that you will spend many happy years gazing down at your wedding ring recalling your special day and time spent together. Taking the time you need to make sure you have no regrets over your ring purchase is well worth it - avoid impulse purchases and pushy salesmen! It’s often worth asking the jeweller if you can take photos with the ring on so you can more easily compare, or even sleep on it for a few nights to make sure it’s the one for you. 

In time, the perfect wedding ring will become an extended part of you and a powerful symbol of your love for one another. Make sure you both love what you buy.