Shiruba Tree Wooden Rings Uk



Shiruba Tree is a specialist in the diligent craftsmanship of silver and wooden rings. If you are looking for the perfect romantic gift for a loved one, perhaps for an anniversary or birthday present, the expertly crafted jewellery from the Shiruba Tree Silver Store can tick your boxes. We are noted for using time-honoured practices in the careful production of our contemporary wood jewellery.


Gold is a timeless metal which is just as suitable for an engagement band as it is combined with a wooden wedding ring. Explore the traditional Shiruba Tree approach to gold jewellery production, with our handcrafted pieces being available in yellow, white, red, 9ct, 14ct and 18ct gold. With this breadth of choice, you can find the perfect gold ring for you.


Have you ever looked at a palladium ring up close? This is a grey-white metal which is much rarer than gold. Precious palladium is quite similar to platinum, and at Shiruba Tree we are experts at expertly crafting this material into beautiful objects of attraction. We finely brush and polish this metal to perfection in the production of palladium and wood engagement rings.


For titanium and wood ring jewellery which is refined down to the tiniest detail, browse the Shiruba Tree collection. We are experts at fashioning this unique metal into beautiful pieces of jewellery which has a whole range of attributes. Not only is it lightweight, it is also durable, and hypoallergenic, offering the ideal option for a gentleman's wedding ring.


It is vital to choose the correct size of ring and at Shiruba Tree we are with you every step of the way! In order to guide you in this part of the purchasing process, we have put together a helpful guide which goes through the important considerations of choosing ring sizes.


Jewellery is one of the most personal gifts we can give. So why not make the gesture even more intimate by having your very own ring made by the expert craftsmen at Shiruba Tree? We can make alterations to our standard designs, adjusting all widths, fits and finishes to suit.