Shiruba Tree Wooden Rings Uk


Origin: South America, especially Brazil

Properties: A violet shade that can darken to black, Kingwood has a bright lustre and excellent finish. It is a heavy wood that can stand up to severe wear and tear. We have given it top grades on all of the measures we assess our woods on.

Other facts: Its unique colours and attention grabbing grains have made Kingwood a firm favourite of high end carpenters for decorative inlays. It was also used extensively in Georgian furniture.

Shiruba Tree Wood Rating
Jewellery Rating – ★★★★★
Strength – ★★★★★
Vibrance – ★★★★★

Water Resistance – ★★★★★

Our woods are sourced from a variety of suppliers in the UK –  they ensure their sustainability. All our suppliers woods meet with CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) to ensure our products play no role in deforestation.